Most M·A·C products are oil free. Some M·A·C products do contain natural oils which function as emollients (for example: orange oil, jojoba oil). These oils provide benefits for the skin such as prevention of water loss. For questions about specific products, please Email an Artist.

Why does M·A·C discontinue certain products?

We apologize for discontinuing your favorite M·A·C product - before doing so we take into account many important factors:

1. Another similar product has been developed which we feel provides better performance.

2. One of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process has been discontinued by the supplier, and we have been unable to find a suitable alternate.

3. Customer preferences, purchasing patterns

Are samples available for M·A·C products?

Samples are not currently available from However, if you need any assistance in selecting products, an online M·A·C Artist will be happy to provide you with a personalized recommendation.

Chat Live with a M·A·C Artist.

Email a M·A·C Artist.

You may also visit a M·A·C counter, where a M·A·C Artist will gladly help you. Many M·A·C products are available as custom samples and may be supplied upon request. Locate a store near you.